What a redesign taught us about unique value propositions

What a redesign taught us about unique value propositions

Stacie Campbell

Stacie Campbell

Jan 26, 2024

Globe Content Studio (GCS) has thrived as a sub-brand of The Globe and Mail for several years, but our identity has often been overshadowed by the parent company's legacy. We're not just introducing a new look and feel, we're also showcasing what sets us apart. 

Our redesign story began by embracing our incredible Globe lineage, not being defined by it. We understand the power of our journalistic heritage across Canada, and we respect it. But as a content marketing studio working to drive results for our clients, our paths diverge. 

Our challenge was to distinguish GCS and to articulate a unique value proposition that resonates specifically with the evolving needs of clients.

Charting the future of the GCS brand

Our creative team, armed with insights and ambitions, embarked on a journey to redefine how we present ourselves to our clients. Who are we? What do we stand for? These questions guided us as we sought to position GCS as the dynamic and innovative 'younger sibling' of The Globe. The rebranding blends a fresh perspective and a vibrant energy, aligning with our vision of breaking conventions and adding a playful touch to our identity.

Our approach centered around a modern perspective, coupled with an energy that distinguishes us. We think of ourselves as the adventurous younger sibling of the Globe - always in sync with current trends, willing to challenge conventional norms, and infusing everything we do with an insightful twist. This is the persona we aim to embody.

In practical terms, this translated into a series of bold initiatives, from updating our visual branding with fresh design and colours that pop, to adopting a tone of voice in our communications that’s engaging, conversational and relatable. Our content strategy is getting a makeover too, focusing on topics and formats that resonate with a younger, more diverse audience, yet still drawing on the journalistic rigour and excellence that the Globe and Mail is known for.

Our choices in typography and graphic elements are no accident. We opted for a clean, modern sans-serif typeface, not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for its versatility and accessibility. This is complemented by energetic line graphics inspired by skateboarding and graffiti cultures, symbolizing our commitment to individualism and innovation. These choices are the pillars of our visual language, setting the stage for a brand that's recognizable and refreshingly different.

The evolution of our brand

Launching our new branding is just the beginning. We'll continually assess and refine our approach. The GCS journey is one of continuous innovation and adaptation, always striving to better serve our clients and stand out in the crowded content-marketing landscape.

Stacie Campbell is the creative lead for Globe Content Studio. She can be reached at scampbell@globeandmail.com